The face of SWTBot

The Eclipse Foundation has recently been generous, and offered to sponsor creation of logos for projects that don’t already have one. When I saw Wayne’s mail announcing this program, I took immediately this opportunity and asked Ian Skerett whether SWTBot could be a candidate for a logo, and it was a yes! After 2 weeks of contest on a nice German site called designonclick, over a hundred logos were submitted, and we had to chose only one.

So here is what SWTBot looks like!

logo_116Nice, isn’t it? We’ve discussed of the reasons why choosing this logo on the SWTBot Developers mailing-list, and there were only “+1″s,  not a single objection or discussion. I guess that can be interpreted as a good sign for this new logo and SWTBot project.

SWTBot website was already updated, and current snapshots and next release of SWTBot will show this logo as an icon in many places. Get used to it !

For the curious, you can see the myriad of contenders on Bugzilla, and on the designonclick project page.

Thanks for the Eclipse Foundation for sponsoring this highly visible improvement for its hosted projects!

  1. #1 by Xavier on October 18, 2013 - 11:55 pm

    Good choice. I love it.

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