Back on SoftShake

SoftShake 2011 was now several weeks ago! This was a very nice conference, quite well organized, with different tracks that make easy for you to always find something interesting to learn.

Some sessions I liked

Before speaking of the sessions I like, I have to say that there were a lot of sessions in just 2 days, and I had been busy during the conference to talk with some people during the sessions. So I missed most of them, maybe some very good ones. So this is not of “best of all sessions”, but more a “best of the 9 sessions I saw”.

Kudos to Hamlet D’Arcy who presented how the compile-time annotations, such as the one proposed by the Lombok project, are processed by compilers to modify the internal AST model of your code, and add behavior to your code automatically. It was interesting, simple to understand, and easy to find how it applies in everyday’s developer life.

I also liked the presentation “Data Grids vs Databases” from Galder Zamarreño from the Infinispan team. I am not very easy will all this Data-driven stuff, but after this presentation, I now know when to use a Data Grid or a Database. However, I am still not sure how all these things compare to Object Databases, such as Objectivity.

And I also found the présentation from Sébastion Douche interesting. It told us the story of the product and team he manages, how his team leverage Git, how they industrialize builds, and everything they do to make their working life easier. That’s alwasys good to hear that kind of tips.

Our sessions

Here is the slides of my “Modeling with Eclipse” presentation, with materials available on GitHub:

I enjoyed a lot presenting it, although I had my laptop taking lot of time between 2 operations, so that demonstrations got longer than expected. I counted 26 attendees. I hope I gave them enough examples to understand how powerful is the Modeling ecosystem at Eclipse, and how productive are the tools available.

And here are the slides from my colleague Jean-Christophe Reigner (PetalsLink Chief Services Officer) that he used to explain what is an ESB, why and when it is useful, and to show some concrete use-cases of ESB:

I liked his presentation, it was quite clear, and I could learn more about ESB in a general IT architect point of view. I think people in the room felt the same thing.

As a speaker

As a speaker too, it was really very cool to be there since the organizing team made everything necessary to get speakers happy, providing help and chocolate during the conference, and inviting us to a very good restaurant where we could discover, for those who did not know that already, the Swiss gastronomy.

Swiss Gastronomy Part I: "La fondue moit-moit"

Swiss gastronomy Part II: "Les meringues double-creme"

So, I hope I’ll make it again for SoftShake 2012 !

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