SWTBot tip of the day: Explicit your test depends on UI contributors!

As I am working on trying to build SWTBot with Tycho, I find out a mistake that is quite common with SWTBot and that makes test failing with Tycho whereas they work with some more “opaque” builders.

When you write a UI test, your test does depend on UI components you use. This dependency is specific to your test bundle, and then must be explicitly defined in your MANIFEST.MF. For example, if your test will click on the “New > Java Project” menu, so it highly depends on org.eclipse,jdt,ui, which provides this contribution. Then do not forget to add this in your dependencies!

A bit easier than "Where is Waldo"

It can work in some cases when you are sure your test platform already contains the contribtutor of the UI elements you manipulate (here org.eclipse.jdt.ui) . Then the menu is already there – as a 3rd party contribution-, although you did not add the dependency to it in your test. But that’s more or less a lucky case, or a case that requires rigorous management of your test platform.

With Tycho, your test platform is, by default, made of your test bundle and all its dependencies (computed from MANIFEST.MF). Then if you don’t explicit your dependencies to UI contributions, your test will probably run in a target platform which does not include the UI elements you interact with, and will fail. When you have this depedency to the UI contributor (such as org.eclipse.jdt.ui) in your test MANIFEST.MF, you are sure you’ll have the menu available whenever you execute your test. Moreover, you are sure that all installation of your test bundle with p2 will contain the necessary stuff to get it working.

To sum it up: If your test depends on UI elements, then it depends on plugins that contribute these UI elements. So tell it in its MANIFEST.MF. That’s all!

  1. #1 by chris on March 11, 2013 - 3:43 pm

    yep, I had to find out about this the hard way and it took a lot of time. hopefully this post will save somebody that unnecessary effort…

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