Speaking at SoftShake 2011

I have recently been really pleased to see that I was accepted as a speaker for the SoftShake conference, that takes place in Geneva on the 3rd and 4th of October. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people, to learn about new trendy technologies and methodologies, but also to teach to the audience the basic issues of Modeling, and how the Eclipse Modeling project is there to help them. The abstract of the 50 minutes session can be found here: http://soft-shake.ch/en/conference/sessions.html?key=modelingwitheclipse . If you plan to attend this presentation and if you have any topic you’d like to hear about, then feel free to ask, I’ll try to cover this specific subject during the presentation.

The "SoftShake speaker badge"

I am very excited by this presentation since I think Modeling is something very productive and powerful, and I know how helpful are the tools provided by Eclipse. It is the first time I have the opportunity to democratize Modeling, Model-Driven Stuff and Eclipse Modeling Project in a conference! However, this requires a lot of work to prepare a good presentation, but that’s a work I love to do.

On a site note, my PetalsLink colleague Jean-Christophe Reigner was also accepted as a speaker. He will democratize the usage of ESB: what use-cases it resolves, what is its role in your SI and so on. That should be also quite interesting since ESB are very powerful and scalable middlewares and most people don’t get the actual value yet. So if you are interested in SOA, System of Informations, Middleware, ESB and so on, you should for sure come to see his talk, you’ll definitely learn interesting things.

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