Grenoble Eclipse DemoCamp is next week!

Hi everybody!

For those who are living in French Alps, in Lyon area, or even in Geneve area, here is a reminder for an important event that takes place for the first time in Grenoble: an Eclipse Demo Camp! We’ll celebrate the latest release of Eclipse: Indigo.

Xerox Research Center Europe, where the DemoCamp takes place.

With this Demo Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to see some demos of what’s new in Indigo, some presentations and demonstrations about some famous tools of Eclipse you might never had the opportunity to try, and last but not least, to chat together between people who are interested or involved in Eclipse development in the area.

The event takes place on Tuesday June 28th, during the afternoon. You can register either on the wiki page of the event, or using the EventBrite ticket system. For the hottest news, you can foolow the Twitter account of the DemoCamp. Amd rememver: all that for FREE!

I hope I’ll meet some of you there!

  1. Mickael Istria: Grenoble Eclipse DemoCamp is next week!

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